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Can I Have a Cell Phone in Rehab?

This is a common question many people have when looking for a rehab? If you’re reading this page then you or a loved one are probably considering going to rehab and would like to find a treatment centers that allow cell phones. You probably don’t like the idea of being completely disconnected from everyone you know. So, finding an addiction treatment facility that allows cell phones is probably important.

But, do drug and alcohol rehab centers allow you to bring a cell phone?

Generally speaking, most facilities do not allow cell phones during treatment. Cell phone usage is restricted in many cases because family, friends and acquaintances can be seen a distraction on the individual’s recovery while in treatment. Thus, negatively affecting their recovery process. Many facilities allow limited access to cell phones so that patients can stay in touch with their loved ones. This model works for many people. However, it doesn’t work for everyone. Some individuals are parents to young children and the idea of not being able to communicate of face-time with their family can be difficult to handle. Others may have family members who are sick and the idea of not knowing their medical status may interfere with their recovery. Then, there are people who need access to a telephone while in rehab for work related purposes.  

Rehab Phone Rules

Lots of people look for inpatient substance abuse centers to get away from things that lure or trigger addicting habits. Inpatient facilities offer a structured and safe environment where customers can discover tools and practice skills that will lead to lifelong recovery. One downside to inpatient centers is their rehab phone rules.  Addiction treatment facilities enforce telephone usage for one basic reason.

According to some industry experts, electronics and mobile phones provide you with an outlet to mentally check out instead of being completely focused on your recovery while in treatment. To them, this could be a detriment to your recovery. Because of this, they are normally prohibited. In addition to being an interruption from treatment, cell phones can likewise bring tension and other issues. No matter exactly what they are utilized for, cell phones just avoid individuals from dedicating themselves totally to healing.

Can You Receive Phone Calls in Rehab

Most residential treatment facilities don’t completely ban cell phones. They will accommodate you with telephone usage time once per week so that you can communicate with those you care about. The same goes for other electronics such as laptops, iPads, smart watches and portable video game consoles. But, what if you need to have access to a telephone more often than just once per week?

How to Sneak a Phone Into Rehab

Yes, this is a real and common question some folks have when looking for a rehab. You don’t need to sneak a phone into rehab. While many facilities prohibit them, phone calls are allowed during rehab treatment and you can have a cell phone in rehab.

Rehab for  Executives: Luxury Treatment Centers For Drugs & Alcohol

image of luxury rehab facility that allows cell phonesThe thought of going to rehab and not having to take or make any work related phone calls or reply or send emails sounds like a relief. But, for many business owners, executives and business professionals that just won’t work. Not having access to their cell phone may be a deal-breaker. They may choose to forego treatment altogether. 

For some people, rehab can be a stressful period and, allowing them access to their cell phone may make the process much easier.

While some centers see cell phone usage as a distraction or a tool that could cause triggers and ultimately, may undermine their efforts of beating their addiction, others believe that it can benefit individuals during treatment. Having the ability to stay in touch with their friends and family and not feel isolated may actually help their recovery. 

Fortunately, there are a limited number of treatment centers all across the country that cater to people who want to be able to work while in rehab, or people who simply wish to have a cell phone while in rehab. These centers not only allow cell phones during rehab but also laptops and other electronics. In addition, they feature other amenities to make their recovery process more comfortable. While they allow cell phones and laptops during addiction recovery, each facility may have their own policy regarding their usage.

Luxury rehab centers are sought out by healthcare & medical professionals such as doctors and nurses, lawyers, business owners, athletes and celebrities. 

How to Find a Top Rated Addiction Treatment Facility That Allows Cell Phones & Electronics

The most common way is to browse the internet to look for facilities that allow cell phones. Since most don’t, this could be a hit or miss.

A much easier way to find a qualified treatment center that allows cell phones is to use our free service. Here’s how it works:

First, we’ll ask you several questions to find out about your and your addiction. Next, we’ll gather insurance information and then we’ll contact your insurance company to verify your rehab treatment benefits. Then, we’ll look through our database of qualified and approved facilities that accept your insurance which allow cell phones. Finally, we’ll present you with options to choose from. 

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