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Rehab For Married Couples on Drugs & Alcohol

New freedoms at this level of care are: clients start looking for employment, go to 12 step meetings daily, and now buy their own food and necessities. The fourth level is outpatient treatment which takes place in a group setting two days a week, and they meet with their individual therapist once a week. The last level of care is designed to reintroduce the client back into society with the tools they need to live a happy and successful life without the use of substances.

The standard substance abuse treatment method generally reveals 4 levels of treatment care that is used at most rehab treatment centers. The 1st is medical detox which takes place in a residential setting. It usually lasts 5 days. 3 to 10 detox periods aren’t uncommon. The 2nd level is Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP, is essentially inpatient treatment which means that the client must reside at the treatment center. This is likewise offered in a less stringent environment where customers have more independence. The 3rd level is intensive outpatient program, or IOP,  which is normally 3 to 5 days weekly, for 3 hours every day. This varies by center. Customers have even more independence and time to themselves. The 4th level is outpatient treatment which occurs in a group setting 2 days a week, and they meet their private therapist once a week. The last level of care is created to help reintegrate the customer back into society with the tools they have developed in treatment.

Inpatient Drug Rehab For Couples

During the most intensive part of rehab, following detox, clients learn about addiction as a disease. They will receive group treatment 5 days a week and couples rehab therapy a minimum of two times a week. Your main therapist will establish a personalized treatment strategy for you and you’ll have an opportunity to set obtainable goals while in treatment.

During the 2nd level of care, you and your partner meet with the medical personnel to establish a drug abuse treatment program for you and your partner. You will have individual and joint sessions as well as group therapy. There will be recreation and leisurely activities that will allow you to further work on your relationship with your partner.

Treatment Programs for Couples in Inpatient Rehab

  • BCT (Behavioral Couples Treatment). This procedure is established to help couples with dependency problems utilizing methods to assist in modifying their behavior. Both partners are asked to develop a “recovery agreement” which requires each person to guarantee that they will not use drugs and alcohol. Each partner will support the other in their recovery. During BCT, the couple will have weekly sessions with their therapist. Group sessions with other couples are part of this treatment method along with a therapist who facilitates these meetings.
  • ABCT (Alcohol Behavioral Couples Treatment). Similar to BCT, it is used to help modify behavior. However, it utilizes various method to stay sober and focuses on strengthening your relationship with your spouse or partner by focusing on developing better communication with each other.
  • RCA (Recuperating Couples Confidential). A lot of rehabilitation centers bring clients to outdoors 12 action conferences consisting of AA and NA. Some meetings occur at the treatment center. Each partner is encouraged to find a sponsor and should attend 12-step meeting without their spouse.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Couples

Medication alongside therapy usually helps in controlling most mental health disorders. Substance abuse treatment professionals usually guide clients with dual diagnosis issues toward medical doctors. You don’t have to stop taking your benzodiazepine anxiety medication. The non addictive anti depressant medication usually take 4 to 6 weeks to start working correctly. For clients who are diagnosed with anxiety disorders, couples drug rehab centers allow you to stay on your meds. This period of time is critical since most addicts with anxiety disorders relapse without their normal prescription. During this period at couples rehab, you will be prescribed small doses of benzodiazepines until the new drug is effective

Often times one partner is suffering from a psychological condition (consisting of anxiety, stress and anxiety, ADHD, and so on) and drug or alcohol abuse at the exact same time. This creates more difficulties for both partners attempting to quit drugs or alcohol while in a relationship. For dual diagnosis cases, medication along with treatment typically assists in managing most psychological disorders while focusing on addressing both the mental disorder and addiction at the same time.

Outpatient Drug Rehab For Couples

IOP or Intensive outpatient program entails living in coed sober housing. You and your partner may or may not live together during treatment, depending on the rules and regulations or each treatment facility. As mentioned above, each partner should have their own sponsor. Most couples experience feelings of resentment toward their partner during recovery. This is normal but it’s important to be mindful to avoid relapse.


Rehab Programs for LGBTQ Gay, Lesbian & Trans Couples

This is a special program designed exclusively for gay and lesbian couples with drug and alcohol addiction issues. In addition to standard treatment, there are specific group therapy topics that pertain only to these relationships. Gay and lesbian rehab for couples teaches partners how to overcome  challenges such as discrimination, self-worth and confidence and other factors  that make it even more difficult to overcome addiction.


Long Term Rehab for Couples

Short term inpatient rehab works for many couples. But there are situations where one or both partners have been battling substance abuse for a long time or are severely addicted or even have been to rehab before and relapsed that call for long term rehab. Couples may remain in rehab for more than 60 days. Options to stay in rehab for as long as 12 months exist and may be covered by insurance.

Sober Living For Couples

Couples who complete inpatient rehab and wish to extend their ‘recovery’  may stay at a transitional housing known as sober living. To stay at a sober living facility you’ll most likely be required to enroll in some type of outpatient program. For couples, this could include family therapy. Meetings such as 12-step are mandatory and you and your spouse will be required to attend 3-4 times per week. Couples will use their free time to try to reintegrate back into society such as seek employment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I sleep with my girlfriend while we are in detox?

No, but you can hang out together on the couch until lights out at 3 am. Then you both sleep in your own room.

Can my husband and I bring our anxiety medication to treatment?

Yes, but medication must be approved by the doctor and will be locked up in the safe.

Will I have the same therapist as my wife?

Each partner in a relationship should have their own primary therapist to discuss personal issues and fears with. You will attend separate group sessions so you can feel safe talking about you husband or wife without being uncomfortable.

My boyfriend is allergic to Suboxone, can he take Subutex for detox from heroin?

Yes, we offer a variety of alternative medications including buprenorphine and tramadol for any patient who cant take naloxone.

How long is the taper for an opiate addiction?

Usually 7 to 10 days depending on usage and substance of abuse.

Why do you allow relationships in rehab, when most addiction treatment centers do not?

We believe in meeting the clients where they are today. If there are children involved, a marriage deserves a chance to be saved.

If you just met your boyfriend or girlfriend in rehab and are basically using buddies who have sex, we know if you manage to stay clean for a few weeks, both of you will realize you are not in love. Then you can start working on your own recovery.

Do we get medicated as soon as we arrive at the detox center.

Yes, we do not make you wait for 2 days being sick with withdrawal symptoms.

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