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What is a 28 Day Inpatient Rehab Program for Drugs & Alcohol?

28 day inpatient rehab treatment programs are the most common addiction programs in the United States. The duration of the treatment model goes back to the early 1950s. The model was developed to treat alcoholics in a state hospital in Minnesota. The belief was that it takes four weeks to stabilize an alcoholic. The model survived because insurance companies became accustomed to paying for four weeks of treatment. The method is used today to treat drug addictions.

Types of 28 Day Rehab Facilities

Not all 4-week rehab centers are the same. By default, addiction programs are based on the 12-step treatment plan. A small number of facilities offer non-12 step, non-religious and evidence-based treatment programs. State funded and low end 28-day rehab centers can look like bootcamps where individuals are crammed inside one room. Amenities are basic and they’re afforded very few luxuries, if any. Some of these types of rehab programs offer decent quality treatment however, many people who have completed these types of programs found it challenging to completely relax and focus on their recovery.

These tend to be low end or state-funded treatment centers. Then, there are upscale residential treatment facilities which may have pools, yoga and fitness centers, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, media rooms, gourmet dining is provided along with nutritional counseling, massage therapy etc. They resemble high end retreat. Then, there’s everything in-between.

What Happens in 28 Day Rehab? 

It’s important to note that most facilities are non-lockdown. This means you are free to leave if you so choose. The treatment model is highly structured but offers quite a bit of flexibility. The best facilities offer personalized rehab programs.

Here’s what you can expect during your addiction treatment.

  • The Intake Process: It’s the very first step when the client enters the treatment facility. The client may complete any remaining paperwork of fill out forms that were not completed prior to arriving. Clients may need to provide Insurance and identification. Their personal belongings will be checked for prohibited substances, weapons, gambling devices, offensive clothing etc.
  • Drug & Alcohol Detoxification: Residential treatment starts with detox during which drugs and alcohol are removed from your body. Detox may last from three days to five days but can last longer depending on the substance and how long the individual has been abusing drugs and alcohol. Detox is monitored by medical staff and medication may be used to help mitigate withdrawal symptoms.
  • Mornings: Breakfast and Early Meetings right after breakfast

Most substance abuse rehab facilities provide healthy breakfast. Some offer yoga, meditation and various fitness classes and activities. Oftentimes, group therapy follows. The 12-step process is the most common group therapy model. However, non 12-step and holistic models exist. Group meetings are overseen by a licensed professional.

What to Expect in 28 Day Rehab Therapy Treatment

  • Afternoon: More Therapy
  • Individual therapy with a licensed therapist to help you identify behavioral responses to specific triggers and how to deal with them after treatment to avoid relapse. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most common type of individual therapy but other forms may be offered at various different facilities.
  • Group therapy: Could be based on 12-step or non 12-step
  • Specialized Therapy Sessions: Some 28-day rehab centers offer personalized therapies. Specialized therapy sessions may be used to help addicts in recovery deal with various mental health issues such as eating disorders, grief, trauma and PTSD, depression, anxiety and other psychological issues.
  • Family Therapy: Anger, frustration, anxiety and conflicts among family members, among other issues, are addressed in family therapy.
  • Alternative Therapy: These forms of therapies are typically offered at high end facilities. They may include biofeedback, neurofeedback, music and/or art therapy, dance therapy, equine therapy, chiropractic sessions, reiki etc.
  • Free Time: You can expect 2-4 hours of free time every day to use as you please. You’re free to watch TV or engage in various exercise or sporting activities.
  • Evenings: More group therapy like 12-step meetings.

28 Day Alcohol Rehab Program vs 28 Day Drug Rehab Program

What’s the difference? Most rehab centers offer the same treatment model for drugs and alcohol. For the most part, the only difference is how the individual is detoxed. Most rehab centers abide by the 12-step treatment model.

There are treatment facilities that offer alternative and holistic programs. Treatment protocol is tailored to fit each individual based on the substance they abuse, how long they’ve been using, how much they use, and whether mental health disorders are present. In addition to different individual therapies, specialized therapies may be used to help complement each individual’s goals and preferences.

Is 28 Day Rehab Enough

For some folks it is enough while for most it probably isn’t. Some addiction experts believe that most people need an average of 90 days of treatment to successfully overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. That doesn’t mean they need to spend the entire time at a residential facility. What they mean is that a four-week residential program is a must for the vast majority of people followed by sixty days of aftercare. Aftercare can entail some sort of outpatient treatment which allows individuals to resume their everyday lives and tend to their daily obligations.

Success Rate of 28 Day Rehab: Does 28 Day Rehab Work?

Judging my how many people relapse after treatment one could easily assume that it doesn’t work. But, it’s not that simple. Major factors that determine whether this rehab method is successful or not comes down to, more often than not, type of programs the treatment facility offers, the individual’s substance use history, their desire to succeed and their support system when they leave treatment. Individuals with a long and hard abuse history should consider outpatient programs after completing inpatient treatment as a precaution to help reinforce relapse prevention techniques that were acquired while in rehab.

How Much Does 28 Day Rehab Cost

The average cost for 28 day rehab is between $350 to $1,000 per day. Why such a large rang? First, treatment facilities charge differently. The ones on the lower end tend to offer the same treatment to all. Facilities that charge more usually offer more than one treatment method and the facilities are nicer. Second, the type of insurance you have will govern how much you will pay. Government programs like Medicaid and Medicare cover all basic drug and alcohol abuse treatments. Treatment is offered at no cost where those policies are accepted but most rehab facilities don’t accept government health insurance. There are government agencies that offer scholarships to help pay for a portion of treatment.

PPO and HMO health insurance plans can cover most treatment types as long as deductible and co-insurance costs are met. PPO policies are accepted by just about every treatment center. HMO policies have to be in network which means that the treatment facility is contracted with the insurance provider and agrees to charge according to their fee schedule. Most rehab facilities do not accept HMO policies because of this reason. You can expect to pay less if you’re going to pay in cash.

Some luxury treatment centers will charge as much as an extra $1,000 per day if you wish to stay in a private room whereas others won’t charge the extra fee. Most rehab facilities don’t offer private rooms.

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