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Verify Insurance Benefits & Find an Accredited Treatment Program Now

Easy 3-Step Insurance Benefits Verification & Placement Process

Step 1: Consultation

Every individual is unique and so is their addiction. When you call us, we will ask you questions that will help us make the right recommendation. We’ll want to know which substances you are addicted to and how long you’ve been abusing drugs or alcohol. It’s important for us to know if you have tried to quit either on your own or if you’ve been to rehab but have relapsed. The reason we ask these questions is we want to get to know you so that we can recommend an evidence based treatment program where they will  customize treatment to your unique needs and offer the you best odds of beating your addiction.

Step 2: Insurance Verification

During the call, we’ll ask you for your insurance information. We can verify your rehab insurance benefits while you’re on the call with us or we’ll call you back with that information if you’re short on time. We will contact your insurance carrier on your behalf to verify every addiction benefit you’re entitled to. It’s important to know how much your policy will pay, how long you can stay in rehab as well as what type of aftercare programs they cover. Just as important is to provide you with maximum out-of-pocket expenses, if any, before you make a selection. You want to avoid any surprise charges after you’ve completed treatment. 

Step 3: Placement in Individualized Treatment Program

For addiction treatment to be effective, individuals should be offered customized solutions designed specifically for them. The treatment you receive and the tools you learn in rehab will contribute to your success in recovery. Our goal is to verify your insurance benefits while you’re on the phone with us, unless you prefer otherwise, and connect you with a treatment program that  we think is the best possible option for you. 

Recovery is just a phone call away. 

This service is Free and available 24/7. There is no obligation to commit. 

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