60 & 90 Day Inpatient Drug Alcohol Rehab Treatment Programs

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28 Day & 30 Day Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs

Most people who go to rehab will complete either a 28 day or 30 day treatment program. 28 Day and 30 Day rehab are essentially the same thing. The main difference is in how they’re marketed. Why do so many people choose one of these programs over the 60 day or 90 day program?

There is no evidence that 28 or 30 treatment is superior to the other two. The main reasons why so many people choose the former seem to be practical and financial in nature. The idea of going away for 60 to 90 days sounds intimidating to a lot of people. This may not be a practical solution for individuals with jobs or families. Going away for one month may put enough strain on some people but going away for two or three is simply out of the question for many.

Being away from the loved ones for that long is difficult. Plus, there’s the fear that one may lose their employment for being away for so long. Although, there are laws in place which protect employees against job loss, many just don’t feel comfortable.

Then, there’s the financial aspect. Most insurance companies will cover up to 30 days of treatment. After 30 days the coverage drops down drastically. And, since most treatment centers are for profit businesses they tend to market their services based on profitability.

28-30 Days of Privacy and Away from Distractions During Rehab

While it may be uncomfortable at first, getting away from any sort of social pressures, is crucial when in recovery. While in rehab, it’s important for an individual to be away from any and all distractions that may affect their recovery process.

28 and 30 day programs and highly structured. Treatment begins with detox where individuals usually spend 5 – 7 days to completely detoxify from any addictive substances. After detox, they attend one-on-one sessions with a licensed therapist. They attend group sessions, lectures, fitness and recreational activities. Individuals build strength, courage and self esteem and are taught how to deal with temptations after treatment.

60 Day and 90 Day Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs

60 day and 90 day treatment programs operate the same way as the 30 day treatment. The main difference is the duration of treatment. Studies have shown that 90 day treatment reduces the chances of relapse. Individuals spend two or three times as much time in a controlled environment, drug and alcohol free. They attend more meetings and one-on-one sessions with the therapist and have more time to learn about themselves, their addiction and prepare for life after rehab.

Understandably, not everyone is in a position to go to rehab for 60 or 90 days. That’s why it’s important to find the best rehab center that will improve your odds of avoiding a relapse after rehab.

How to Find the Best Rehab Treatment Center for Your Needs

Let one of our experienced addiction counselors match you with the best addiction treatment center that accepts your insurance plan and one that can tailor a treatment program based on your needs. There is no cost and no obligation.

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