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If you or your loved one is a Catholic and is looking for a Catholic rehab treatment center then look no more. Our free professional service will connect you with a drug and alcohol facility that enables Catholics overcome addiction.

Theological methods are not brand-new to substance abuse rehab. In reality, the principle of the 12-step program started on the concept that a stronger power can help individuals recover when you can not. If you’re of the Catholic religion, you feel the importance of offering your life over to the Lord. That’s exactly why Catholic rehab centers are becoming increasingly common throughout the nation.

A Case For the Catholic Faith In Rehab

Whenever people look for alcohol and drug rehabilitation solutions, their chances of success are much higher when they decide on a program that is in line with their religious beliefs. Rehab treatment is extremely private and every client has their own background and experiences.
In addition, each and every client needs a specific approach in order for his/her rehabilitation process to be as successful as possible. And due to the fact that a person’s faith is arguably one of the absolute most important facets of his or her life, it only makes sense to merge spiritual elements into a substance addiction treatment program.

Testaments Of Patients In Catholic Rehab

Clients whom have been fortunate enough to be a part of an inpatient Catholic drug and alcohol program have very touching words to state. Despite tough trials, their accounts of rehab and recovery are ones of life-changing beauty and love.
A single person details that he presumed it shocking that alcoholics and drug users like himself were “singing the St. Francis prayer in the chapel and hugging one another.” He just couldn’t comprehend how folks who have experienced such problems could look to be so peaceful.

Another patient noted that he “found hope ” at a Catholic rehab center and figured out the best ways to “identify [his] feelings, rather than going straight to anger.” His report is one of self-reflection, learning, and application of new concepts for a successful recovery.

Goals Of Catholic Rehabs

Catholic drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities describe their mission is for people to feel individually cared for and loved. The end goal is to increase sensations of self-assurance in individuals who are in middle of overcoming huge odds.
These exceptional endeavors are really making a difference in the lives of individuals who respect Catholic belief and traditions.

Catholic Treatment Plans

Though Catholic rehab centers combine religious practices, they also deliver first-class medical care. You can anticipate:
– Safe and efficient detox
– Therapy options from a therapist and a clergyman
– Group support
– Individual therapy
– Comfy amenities
– Education and training on addiction, rehabilitation, and recovery
– Mass services
– Discovering ways to apply successful coping strategies
– Help and guidance throughout rehab

The Real Story

With its over 1 billion members, the Catholic church was formed anywhere between the third and fifth centuries from the Roman and Latin Empires. The spiritual book or guide to Catholicism is the holy bible and the main base of operations for the church are in Rome, Italy. According to Catholic history information, the faith depends on numerous sources for its literature and philosophy including Latin, Greek, and Jewish verses.

Catholic believers hold the teachings through the holy church or mass and the words are documented in the bible as sacred ingredients of the religion. They strongly believe that humans are primarily decent but act badly through the wrongs they have done or offenses against themselves and other people. It is believed through the church that each and every one can have liberation from the things they have done if they turn to the Lord. There is also the belief that when somebody dies they will certainly spend eternity in heaven or hell.
According to the United States Religion Landscape Survey, 24%% of American practices the Catholic religion. Among these folks, there are a growing number of Catholics who have a hard time daily with drug or alcohol addiction problems who are in need of Catholic substance abuse treatment.

What Does A Catholic Rehab Center Do For The Addicted

Many privately run, government and church run Catholic programs exist all over the United States. In a document from Catholic Online, full recovery from addition exists through Catholic rehab that reportedly gets sufferers out of the recovery stage in the long term. There are a number of elements of this type of treatment that include:

– A mixture of 12-step treatment, individual counseling and religious studies and beliefs to assist in recovery.
– The teaching of principal Catholic scriptures as well as bible study lessons.
– Participation in Catholic Worship, at least two to three times each week if not daily.
– Confession with a Catholic priest, prayer and candle lighting and reflection periods.
– One on one sessions with a Catholic priest or minister.
– Group sessions using sermons from both Catholic ministers and priests and Catholic counselors.
– A blend of religious healing through the study of scriptures and prayer, mental healing through the confession of past misbehavior and physical healing through
– The capability of the individual to thoroughly heal from their addiction by acknowledging and relying on their Catholic doctrine.
– Belief in the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit as the principal schedule for healing from addiction.

Vital Theories of Catholic Rehab Treatment

The majority of Catholic rehab facilities are inpatient or residential, however some outpatient rehab facilities exist. There are also groups such as the National Catholic Council on Addictions which hold classes to further develop further options for counseling with community based staff.

Most Catholic treatment facilities believe in much the same philosophies to aid archdiocese members to recover from addiction. There are inspirational messages used to help addicts, however, those addicted must utilize these concepts to their lives coupled with other prayers, scripture, and belief in Jesus to help them get and maintain sobriety.

Some of these are:

1. That they are helpless over their substance addiction.
2. That the Lord ought to be the one to give them serenity “to accept the things I can not change, the fortitude to change the things they can, and knowledge to know the difference”
3. All additional steps that incorporate the 12-step method.
4. Guidelines from the Lord that tell addicts to put things on a list, quit worrying, believe in and talk to God and then continue to have hope.
5. The teaching of a new virtuous and upstanding everyday life that includes being kind, patient, sharing and loving yourself and others.
6. The aspects of both healing and forgiveness as a component of recovery.
7. Taking care of and really helping others.
8. Being durable and finding strength in faith.
9. Discovering how to love others and yourself.
10. Continuing to greatly improve your life on a daily basis irrespective of that problems come into your life.

Strong connection through groups of individuals aiming to accomplish the same goals is also utilized both through Church Services and group meetings and functions. The help of drug and alcohol-free family members is likewise key in Catholic drug and alcohol rehab.

Don’t suffer any longer. Allow God to help you on your road to recovery. Call now! Counselors are available 24/7.


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