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It’s not uncommon for couples to abuse drugs or alcohol together. If you’re reading this page, chances are you and your partner are in a similar predicament and are looking couples rehab. When two individuals who are in a relationship abuse chemical substances they’re setting themselves up for failure. When children are involved then the damage it causes is so much worse.

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Addiction Treatment and Rehab for Couples

married couple looking for drug rehab centerCongratulations on your decision to make a change. But the truth is, most alcohol and drug rehabs won’t accept you and your significant other at the same time. Treating addiction is not easy to begin with. Treating two people who are in a relationship who with chemical abuse is even more difficult.

In many cases, one partner may be the reason the other started abusing in the first place. And, almost always, there is tension in the relationship which tends to come out during treatment. This type of tension can be difficult for some partners to handle. Oftentimes, they blame each other for their substance abuse problems.

While one may benefit from substance addiction treatment the other may struggle, therefore, he or she may negatively impact their partner’s treatment process. This is one of the reasons why most alcohol and drug addiction treatment facilities don’t offer addiction treatment for couples. Domestic abuse is another reason. Couples rehab is a specialized field and very few addiction facilities offer couples chemical abuse recovery programs.

Couples Drug Rehab Programs

Considering that most rehab facilities don’t offer couples rehab treatment programs for people in your situation, finding one that does could be challenging. Many that do don’t offer specialized therapies for patients in relationships. Ideally, you will want to find specialized treatment plans where you and your loved one can get treatment together.

Couples Rehab Treatment Levels of Care 

There are four levels of care when treating couples who struggle with substance abuse.

  • Level 1- Inpatient rehab treatment: Inpatient addiction recovery usually lasts one month. This is the most extensive part of substance abuse treatment program for couples. Partners who abuse drugs or alcohol will learn more about substance abuse dependency. Each partner will receive treatment 5 days a week and couples rehab therapy a minimum of two times a week. Your main therapist will establish a personalized program for you.
  • Level 2 – Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Day/Night Treatment. This is also residential in nature but clients are awarded more autonomy than during Level 1 because they’re more reliant at this stage. During Level 2, you and your partner will have therapy together, along with one-on-one and group treatment. Off-site activities activities such as bowling, paintball, ice skating, boating and various outings may be organized to make their recovery journey more enjoyable. These kinds of activities are an excellent way to begin getting in touch with your better half, while you are both sober. Learning more about each other without the disturbance of alcohol and drugs will not be all pure happiness.
  • Level 3 – Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is generally 3 to 5 days each week for 3 hours every day. Outpatient is the last stage before you resume your daily lives.
  • Level 4 – Outpatient Treatment (OP) takes place in a group setting 2 days a week. At this stage, you’re back to living your lives. You and your partner will attend couples therapy once a week to help reintegrate you as a couple back into society with the tools they have learned so that they can live meaningful lives without using drugs or alcohol.

Specialized Couples Therapy
and Addiction Treatment
Programs For Married Couples

  • BCT (Behavioral Couples Therapy)

Behavioral couples therapy BCT is used to help couples who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse by utilizing various treatment methods to change destructive habits. Both partners are asked to produce a “recovery contract” which is to assure that they’re not to use drugs or alcohol. Your loved one pledges to support you in healing, While in BCT, you will have weekly sessions with you licensed therapist. One of the goals is to work on building healthier relationships, improve coping tools and coping skills, relapse prevention. This is a group couples therapy.

  • ABCT (Alcohol Behavioral Couples Treatment)

The purpose of this treatment method is to help couples resolve their addiction issues and modify their habits. It resembles BCT, however it utilizes various method to promote abstaining and offer a healthy relationship and marital relationship without drinking. This procedure is performed in both inpatient and outpatient treatment. The behavior modification techniques used in this treatment approach help deal with self awareness and self control, anger management, problem solving, etc.

  • RCA (Recuperating Couples Confidential)

The majority of rehabilitation centers have their clients to attend 12 step meetings consisting of AA and NA. Some meetings take place at the treatment facility while others are offsite.

Some rehab facilities offer family therapy while in rehab together to help all family members deal with addiction in the family.

Benefits of Rehab for Married Couples

  • Lower chances of divorce.
  • Freedom from substance abuse and the damage it inflicts in the relationship.
  • Behavioral changes that support long-term abstinence.
  • Improved communication skills, which can lead to satisfaction in the relationship.
  • Learning to participate in rewarding activities together that don’t involve alcohol or drugs.

Dual Diagnosis (Co-occurring Condition) Couples Rehabilitation

Oftentimes, one of the partners is concurrently diagnosed with a substance abuse and mental health disorder such as anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD or a personality disorder. This creates more obstacles for both partners aiming to get sober.

The treatment methods may include the combination of medication with cognitive behavioral therapy typically which help to manage most psychological health conditions. Patients who are diagnosed with a mental health condition as stress, anxiety or depression can remain can benefit greatly from medication assisted treatment. 

LGBT, Gay AND Lesbian Couples
Drug Rehabilitation Program

This program is particularly developed for lesbian and gay couples with chemical dependency problems who wish to complete treatment together. Couples rehab for LGBTQ is designed address the unique difficulties they may face. Behavioral couples therapy, relationship counseling and mental health services ato address mental health issues are just a few things that are offered at these treatment centers.

Addiction treatment options may include one-on-one therapy sessions with patients to address alcohol and drug use, codependency and friction in the relationship, mental health disorders and group therapy sessions. Long term recovery options for substance abuse may be offered at some couples addiction treatment centers.

Couples Sober Living

After finishing inpatient treatment, couples who want to remain together will step down and go to a sober living rehab center. Some sober living programs offer some type of outpatient treatment. Couples may attend behavioral couples therapy and or group counseling. The recovery process should include marriage counseling. In order to reside in a sober living facility, they must attend treatment four times a week and must seek either part-time or full time employment. Couples addiction recovery includes attending programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous or AA or Recovering Couples Anonymous or RCA.

Part of your long term recovery process should include couples counseling and visits to support groups with your significant other to make sure you’re both staying on the right track.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Results and Signs

  • Recurring arguments about issues such as substance use, money problems or not taking responsibilities.
  • Covering for one another, such as calling in sick for them when they have a hangover or after a night of using drugs.
  • Abusing drugs or alcohol as a way of dealing with relationship problems.
  • Feeling that you can only have a good time with each other when you are both abusing substances.
  • Episodes of domestic violence may occur when high or drunk.
  • Engage in intimate acts with each other only when using
  • You’re unable to show proper affection unless you’re high or drunk.
  • Falling out of touch with family or friends to hide your substance use.

Is Rehab For Couples Right for You?

For many couples who struggle with alcohol or drug abuse, using using together can seem like the only fun activity they can have as a couple. Continuing down this path will lead to big problems down the road. Now is the best time to think about going into couples rehab. Delaying treatment could cause irreparable damage to your relationship.

What to Expect From Couples Rehab Centers

  • Personalized treatment plan
  • One-on-one cognitive treatment therapy
  • Drug and alcohol behavioral couples therapy to help resolve relationship issues
  • 24 hour care by licensed medical professionals
  • Family dynamics to help you and your loved ones


Get in Touch With an Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Couples

Being addicted to drugs is destructive to you as a couple and to your family. You know that substance abuse and addiction can derail your family life. We know you want to get into drug or alcohol addiction treatment together with your loved one. It’s time to stop blaming each other and put an end to your addiction. Recovery is possible. We help couples struggling with addiction.

How to Find The Best
Couples Substance Abuse Treatment 

We can help you find a quality drug rehab treatment center. It’s time to overcome your addiction and improve your relationship. Now is the time to become the best version of yourself.

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There may be variable treatment methods that are available to you. Call the phone number below to speak with an admissions navigator. They will go over your options and explain the rehab process.


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