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Finding Drug Rehabs for Couples

It’s not uncommon for couples to abuse drugs or alcohol together. If you’re reading this page, chances are you and your partner are in a similar predicament and are looking couples rehab centers. When couples abuse drugs or alcohol they’re setting themselves up for failure. When children are involved then the damage is that much great.

So, congratulations on your decision to make a change. But the truth is, most rehab centers don’t accept couples. Treating addiction is not easy to begin with. Treating couples is even more difficult. In many cases, one partner may be the reason the other started abusing in the first place. And, almost always, there is tension in the relationship which tends to come out during treatment. This type of tension can be difficult for some partners to handle and they may blame their partner for their addiction. While one may benefit from treatment the other may suffer. This is one of the reasons why most drug and alcohol rehab centers don’t offer treatment for couples.

Types Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers for Couples

married couple looking for drug rehab centerConsidering that most addiction treatment facilities don’t offer programs for couples, finding one that does could be challenging. You could always browse the internet and eventually you will find one. But, you want to find a rehab facility that will tailor treatment for each partner and one that accepts your insurance policy.

To find alcohol or drug rehabs for couples couples call today and we’ll do the legwork for you.



There are for levels of care when treating couples from chemical dependency.

  • Level 1- Inpatient rehab treatment for couples: Most of the time occurs in a medical facility where detox is provided to cleanse the body of the addictive substance. It usually lasts one month. In the very first level of care, which is the most extensive part of the drug abuse treatment program couples who abuse drugs or alcohol  will learn more about the disease of dependency. They will receive treatment 5 days a week and couples rehab therapy a minimum of two times a week. Your main therapist will establish a personalized treatment prepare for you and you’ll have a possibility to set possible objectives to satisfy while in healing.
  • Level 2 – Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Day/Night Treatment. This is also residential in nature but clients are awarded more autonomy than during Level 1 since they’re more reliant at this stage. During this stage, you and your partner will have sessions as a couple together, along with private and group treatment. Off-site activities activities such as bowling, paint ball, ice skating, and boating and various outings may be organized to make treatment more enjoyable. These kinds of activities are an excellent way to begin getting in touch with your better half, while you are both tidy and sober. Learning more about your partner without the disturbance of alcohol and drugs will not be all pure happiness, we comprehend it will be effort restoring a relationship that was clouded by (or focused around) drug abuse.
  • Level 3 – Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)  which is generally 3 to 5 days each week, for 3 hours every day. This is the last stage before you resume your daily lives.
  • Level 4 – Outpatient Treatment which happens in a group setting 2 days a week. At this stage, you’re back to your daily lives. Couples consult with their specific therapist once a week. The last level of care is developed to reestablish couples back into society with the tools they have learned to live a delighted and effective life without using drugs or alcohol.

Specialized Therapies and Addiction Treatment Programs For Married Couples

  • BCT (Behavioral Couples Treatment)

This procedure is established to help couples with drug and alcohol dependency problems by utilizing various methods to change destructive habits. Both partners are asked to produce a “healing agreement” which is to assure that they’re not to use drugs or alcohol. Your loved one pledges to support you in healing, While in BCT, the couple will have weekly sessions with their licensed therapist. There are group sessions with other couples with a therapist to facilitate them.

  • ABCT (Alcohol Behavioral Couples Treatment)

The purpose of this treatment method is to help couples modify their habits. It resembles BCT, however it utilizes various method to promote abstaining and offer a healthy relationship and marital relationship without drinking. This procedure is performed in both inpatient and outpatient treatment.

  • RCA (Recuperating Couples Confidential)

The majority of rehabilitation centers have their clients to attend 12 step meetings consisting of AA and NA. Some meetings take place at the treatment facility while others are offsite.


Often one partner is handling a psychological health condition (consisting of anxiety, stress and anxiety, ADHD, and so on) and compound utilize condition at the very same time. This includes more obstacles for both partners aiming to get tidy and sober while in a relationship. Medication along with treatment typically assists in managing most psychological health conditions. Drug abuse treatment experts generally assist customers with dual diagnosis concerns towards medical physicians. You do not need to stop taking your benzodiazepine stress and anxiety medication. The non addicting anti depressant medication generally take 4 to 6 weeks to begin working properly. For customers who are identified with stress and anxiety conditions, couples drug rehab centers enable you to remain on your medications. This time period is crucial given that the majority of addicts with stress and anxiety conditions regression without their typical prescription. Throughout this duration at couples rehab, you will be recommended little dosages of benzodiazepines up until the brand-new drug works.


young couple after completing drug rehabExtensive outpatient program includes an action down procedure of treatment. You will cohabit in a coed sober living environment. A couple might space together if there are open beds. Your very first week will include orientation and intro to the healing neighborhood. You might have a curfew for a week or 2.

There are a couple of sober living centers that accept couples and let them reside in the very same space. I have actually inspected 2 of them face to face so i can advise to any couples leaving rehabilitation requiring a midway home together.

Typically speaking, the couple needs to not have the exact same sponsor in AA. This might make your loved one jealous of your relationship with a sponsor. I would advise both partners select various buddies and relationships in the program, and do not go to the exact same conferences that your better half is going to. Look for a therapist who focuses on the difficulties a couple will deal with in healing. Your household might not more than happy with the circumstance. Be encouraging of your partner if his household is upset about both of you staying a couple in healing.

Being partners in healing is hard. Animosities versus your loved one can develop and trigger one partner to regression. Usage couples rehab to speak about these animosities with a therapist. Staying a couple while in treatment can include additional problems to solve in a treatment program. Each partner must have their own therapist to go over problems concerning your better half or your household history.

Group treatment is a big part of your treatment in the majority of programs. A couple ought to not remain in group treatment together. You have to do not hesitate to talk about subjects issues in your relationship without worry of injuring your partner. Often group can end up being confrontational sometimes, particularly when a couple is being evaluated by other customers. Treatment centers that concentrate on marital relationship therapy, and relationship concerns in healing, can be really encouraging. If you fulfilled your better half throughout your dependency, do not be amazed if sensations alter throughout treatment.


This program is particularly developed for lesbian and gay couples with dependency problems. Couples rehab for LGBT teaches gay and lesbian partners that have unique obstacles to conquer making it more difficult to remain tidy. The expert personnel have years of experience handling these concerns. Numerous gay and lesbian relationships can be conserved with the appropriate treatment program. Real estate in a basic dependency treatment center provides issues for apparent factors. We enable couples real estate after finishing the preliminary level of care where we would house each customer with the gender they most relate to. In treatment we zone in on components that specify to the LGBTQ neighborhood such as discrimination, self worth and a lot more.


Among our success stories is Julia and Max, a couple who had actually been utilizing together for 14 years. They chose to obtain tidy together. The majority of rehabs that they called do decline couples, and lastly they called Stepping Sober Healing Center, where they discovered whatever they were searching for. In the very first 2 levels of dependency treatment, living plans for couples is selected a case by case basis when it pertains to rooming together. Once they were at their PHP level of care, their therapist suggested them for couples real estate where they cohabited and participated in dependency treatment daily. Max’s drug of option was heroin and opiates, Julia’s drug of option was Xanax. Both Max and Julia made their own different assistance and good friends in the program. They still participate in aftercare at our dependency treatment center as soon as one week and both are tidy and sober today. The chances are not terrific for couples in healing however it is possible if you desire it.


At Stepping Sober Healing Center, we comprehend that each person has special requirements and this is why we ensure each of our customer’s has actually a tailored care strategy produced by the medical group particularly for them. In our MAT treatment programs, we have a range of medications and treatments we utilize that have actually succeeded for our customers as they start their healing.

The most recent federal government research studies have actually revealed Suboxone upkeep to be reliable in avoiding regression in heroin addicts by 50%. Couples who utilize drugs together are at higher danger for persistent regression. Medication assisted treatment is growing in appeal among the healing neighborhood. Regardless of the dominating viewpoints of AA and NA, the field needs to pertain to accept this truth. The federal government is pressing Buprenorphine upkeep programs, which are specifically handy to couples in early healing. Getting tidy and sober is hard enough if you are single. Remaining in a relationship the very first year includes lots of triggers for addict. We require more couples rehab programs that enable subutex at little dosages. Medical insurance providers are beginning to need clients who are persistent relapsers to go on sub upkeep.

A brand-new medication has actually been authorized for usage in compound abuse treatment programs. Vivitrol, a prolonged release type of Naltrexone is an as soon as a month injection that avoids regression to opioid dependence. Medication helped dependency treatment in addition to therapy can assist addict remain in rehabilitation long term. Vivitrol obstructs the impacts of opiates on the brain and avoids yearnings after detoxing. Research studies have actually revealed clients taking Naltrexone stay in compound abuse treatment longer. The regression rate is considerably lower for heroin addicts who take Vivitrol injections. The dependency treatment centers using medication helped treatment have a much greater retention rate, and addicts are living efficient lives. The majority of medical insurance strategies do not cover this drug, which avoids most clients from getting it. The typical objective is to assist addicts stay in drug rehabilitation long term. The outlook for a drug user couple staying in rehabilitation long term is bad. If both partners consent to be on naltrexone or vivitrol while participating in dependency treatment, their success rate boosts considerably.


After finishing domestic treatment, couples who want to remain together will step down to transitional real estate. Many sober living programs need some kind of outpatient treatment. For couples this might consist of household treatment or dispute resolution education classes. Participation at 12 action conferences is compulsory a minimum of 4 days weekly. Both partners must look for work either full-time or part-time. Dealing with the 12 actions with a sponsor is essential while in early healing. Doing this while in an encouraging sober living environment is practical.

Is Couples Rehab Right for You?

For couples battling with drug or alcohol abuse, using can end up being the only activity the couple takes pleasure in together. But, as you know it will lead to big problems down the road. Now is the best time to think about going into couples rehab. Delaying treatment might indicate much more damage to your relationship.

Couples rehab can assist having a hard time partners address concerns such as:

  • Arguments about compound usage. Maybe you’ve discovered a boost in battles that focus on money, disregard of everyday duties, or one partner avoiding far too late partying.
  • Covering up for your partner. For instance, if your partner is hungover in the early morning, you might contact ill for them at their work environment. Or if your partner is too preoccupied with utilizing to participate in household functions, you may comprise reasons to cover for their lack.
  • Isolation from pals, household, and other social assistance. Drinking or substance abuse can end up being so prevalent that you begin preventing individuals with whom you utilized to mingle.
    When utilizing, –
  • Achieving intimacy just. For instance, you may discover that you require to utilize drugs or alcohol in order to feel near your partner or to reveal psychological or physical indications of intimacy.
  • Episodes of domestic violence. Drinking and substance abuse damages your capability to utilize correct judgment and blurs your sense of limits.

Get in Touch with an alcohol and drug rehab center for couples

You may discover that you struck or press your partner out of anger (or endure this habits from them), just to feel be sorry for the next day. Often, this cycle can intensify into major cases of domestic abuse.
Your dependency does not need to manage your life or your relationship. Do not wait till the damage is permanent.

Let us help you find an couples drug rehab center tailored to you needs.

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