List of Jacksonville, FL Drug Rehab Centers and Alcoholism Addiction Treatment Resources

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Jacksonville, FL Drug Rehab Centers and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Resources

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You’re here because you are looking for an alcohol and drug rehab in Jacksonville, FL. Chances are, you or a loved one, is struggling with drug abuse or alcoholism and need assistance. If you’re like a lot of other people, the concept of going to a nearby [next_page anchor=”rehabilitation treatment center”] sounds very practical. While that approach might work for some it may not be a great fit for most people.

Lots of dependency treatment specialists and industry supporters believe that the majority of people who really wish to conquer their addiction should think about leaving town for treatment.

There are 4 main reasons:

1. More choices for customized treatment. For many individuals, the absolute best treatment center for their unique situation may not be in or around their town.
2. New perspective= new mindset. A good portion of beating your addiction is having the ideal mindset. Traveling often times really helps you achieve just that.
3. Keeping away from triggers offers you greater odds of finishing treatment. By leaving town for treatment you remove yourself from individuals and circumstances that bring about alcohol or drug use.
4. Privacy to concentrate on your recovery. If you leave town there is a lower likelihood you will be recognized in rehab.
5. More cost-efficient options. Different rehab centers accept various insurance plans. The most affordable rehab that accepts your policy and one that’s willing to customize treatment to your requirements may not be located in Jacksonville, FL.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Recovery FacilitiesJacksonville Florida drug rehab centers

Inpatient Rehab Treatment Centers near Jacksonville, FL

Inpatient rehabilitation is residential in nature which means that treatment has to be finished at the rehab center. Some rehabs are lockdown while others are non-lockdown. Inpatient treatment usually lasts 30 days. Sometimes it can last up to 6 months.

Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Near Jacksonville, FL

There are  2 types of  detox centers for drug and alcohol:

  1. Emergency detox center. This is  generally at a hospital and comes into play when an individual  has actually overdosed and  instant detoxification is required
  2. Three, five or seven day detox. Typically, it occurs at an inpatient treatment facility and it is the first step to  healing. The duration of the detox  procedure depends on the individual.

Outpatient Rehab Treatment Centers

Throughout outpatient rehabilitation, the client remains at their house. He or she keeps a more typical everyday regimen. It typically lasts three to 18 months. Customers normally spend 10 to 12 hours each week at the treatment center. Outpatient rehab is good for somebody with a mild addiction.

Addiction Treatment Programs and Specialized Rehab Centers:

Religious Rehab

A lot of religious rehabs usually follow the 12-step treatment design. The 12-step design helps reinforce your relationship with God to assist you beat your dependency. The majority of religious rehab facilities are called Christian Rehabs and in some cases Catholic Rehabs.

Holistic Rehab

Holistic treatment programs put emphasis on training their patients the most effective ways to restore their body, mind and spirit. By improving in these sort of area individuals have a better odds of overcoming their substance dependency. Holistic programs do not comply with typical treatment strategies like twelve-step or Alcoholics Anonymous.

SMART Recovery

Smart recovery method is a sought-after option to the 12-step program. Its number one goal is to teach educate customers how to deal with addictive thoughts, feelings and tendencies and the best methods to effectively cope with their urges.

Specialized Rehab Treatment Centers:

Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers Near Jacksonville, FL

Dual diagnosis is a health condition which includes a mental disorder and addiction. It’s believed that a minimum of 75% of all adults who abuse alcohol and drugs also experience a mental condition. Not all addiction treatment facilities specialize in dealing with dual diagnosis.

Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehabs near Jacksonville, FL

Are there top quality luxury rehabs in or near Jacksonville, FL? Perhaps. Luxury rehabs don’t necessarily produce much better outcomes. They’re more like luxury retreats and make the rehabilitation process more comfortable. Treatment is more expensive, however a good insurance policy may cover almost all expenses.

Other Specialty Rehab Centers: 

• Rehabs for women
• Rehabs for men
• Rehabs for adolescents
• Rehabs for teens and young adults
• LGBT friendly rehab centers
• Rehabs for pregnant women
• Rehabs for families
• Rehabs for mother and child
• Rehab for Couples

There are over 600 rehabilitation centers Florida alone. Finding the one that is right for you can be challenging. The most ideal [previous_page anchor=”substance abuse treatment program”] for you might be located near Jacksonville, FL or it may be somewhere else. Let us one of our addiction specialists assist find the best substance abuse treatment program that is right for you.

Call today.

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