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Does Ambetter Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab? 

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If you have an insurance policy with Ambetter and are wondering if it’s going to cover alcohol or drug addiction treatment, then take a few minutes to read this page. According to the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010, all health insurance companies must pay a portion or all costs associated with addiction treatment recover. Some health insurance plans insure one hundred percent of the price whilst some stipulate that the patient come up with a small amount of money out of pocket. Where you complete your treatment for addiction might also determine your out of pocket expense.

Here’s is why:

Firstly, the rehab center you choose might not be very effective in obtaining you all the benefits you are entitled to. Another reason is they could provide services that your insurance provider may refuse after rehab treatment is finished.

Before you pick a rehab you ought to know specifically how much your health insurance plan will cover. You should also obtain a detailed breakdown of all of the services that will be provided when in treatment. The very last thing you want is to find an unwelcome expense that wasn’t covered by your policy.

Ambetter Addiction Rehab Coverage FAQ:


Does Ambetter cover inpatient residential and/or outpatient treatment?

Ambetter pays for both of these kinds of treatment.

Does Ambetter cover Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

MAT is a type of addiction treatment that incorporates some form of behavioral therapy coupled with prescription medication.  The most common medications used are Suboxone and Methadone. They’re also knows by other names. Both are approved by the FDA and  they help to prevent withdrawal from opioids and deter relapse. They’re considered specialty drugs and may be covered by Ambetter. Patients may be required to meet a copay between $0-$50.

Q: What are the different substances covered by Ambetter?

A: Your Ambetter policy will in all probability insure your treatment if you’re dependent on alcohol, illicit as well as prescription medications.

Will Ambetter cover in-state or out-of-state-treatment?

Ambetter will pay for both In-state and also out-of-state addiction programs.

Is Sober Living covered by Ambetter?

There are licensed and unlicensed sober living facilities. Ambetter covers addiction treatment at sober living houses only. Some policies cover 80% and others cover 100% of treatment.

Does Ambetter pay for dual diagnosis addiction treatment?

Your insurance policy should pay for dual diagnosis treatment program.

Does Ambetter cover medical alcohol and drug detox?

Detox is part of inpatient rehab and is covered by Ambetter. 

How To Find Addiction Treatment Centers That Take Ambetter Insurance

Call our 24-hour addiction treatment hotline. One of our caring addiction counselors will help you find a treatment program that accepts your insurance policy. You have nothing to lose.

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