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Can You Have a Cell Phone in Rehab?

If you’re reading this page, then chances are you or a loved one suffer from addiction and are looking for high quality rehabs that allow cell phones. For most people, being disconnected from the outside world while in treatment is not an unpleasant thought. 

picture of rehab that allows cell phonesA large number of alcohol drug rehab treatment centers restrict cell phone use. Treatment professionals believe family and friends can be a distraction on the individual during rehab and can negatively affect the recovery process. Because of this, the client should focus on their recovery and should not be have contact with the outside world when they want to. 

However, there are alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers that let you bring your cell phone and electronic devices. The treatment philosophy here is that the client should be as comfortable as possible during their recovery process and access to their cell phone can contribute to their comfort level.

Technology, Laptop and Cell Phone Access

Not all addiction treatment programs allow cell phones during treatment. Their philosophy on technology in treatment is that making and receiving calls, sending and replying to emails and texts and spending time on social media like Facebook or Twitter can be a huge disturbance.

However, the treatment centers that let you use a smartphone during rehab treatment have basic cell phone communication rules. They are as follows:

  • No cell phone use for five days. This is a critical period when your body is detoxed from the drugs and alcohol. There could be uncomfortable withdrawal side effects. Your body needs to be medically stable and your mind in a position to adjust to a new environment and open to building new connections.
  • No person can use their cell phone during therapy sessions.
  • Clients must not use their smartphones in a way that is disruptive to other clients or staff.
  • Cell phone access could be lost if clients break company guidelines.
  • Smartphone use must be in accordance with HIPPA regulations. Clients may not take photos of others and post them online or send them back and forth.

These are just some basic cell phone and electronic usage guidelines and vary by treatment center.

Can You Receive Phone Calls in Rehab?

Lockdown residential alcohol and drug rehab centers have strict rules in place when it comes to technology.  Calls are only allowed at certain times so that they don’t interfere with treatment. Electronic gadgets such as laptops, iPads, iPods, smart watches and portable video game consoles may or may not be allowed. In fact, this may give a typical patient a feeling of isolation even though treatment centers may be equipped with televisions, gym equipment and cozy surroundings. These guidelines are too restrictive for many patients. 

How to Sneak a Phone Into Rehab?

Yes, this is a real question some clients have when looking for a rehab. Trying to smuggle anything into a rehab facility presents serious issues and could cause dismissal. A common reason some treatment centers don’t allow cell phones is because the client could contact their drug dealer while in treatment. There is no reason to risk it. You don’t need to sneak a phone into rehab. We can help you find accredited rehab programs where you’re allowed to bring your cell phone.

Benefits of a Cell Phone & Laptop Friendly Rehab

  • Allows you to stay connected with your workplace
  • Maintain contact with those you wish to be in contact with during your stay
  • Let’s you complete work related tasks or complete school assignments
  • Watch your favorite shows or stay entertained during down time

Rehab for Executives: Phone, Laptop & Business Desk

image of luxury rehab with poolFor many business owners, executives and business professionals having access to their cell phone is a must because of business needs. Fortunately, there are a number of luxury treatment facilities that cater to clients who want to be able to work while in treatment. While some addiction centers allow cell phones and laptops during addiction recovery, each rehab facility may have their own policy when it comes to laptop use and cell phone access.

There are technology and business friendly rehab facilities that have a business section with office space (computers, email, telephone, fax and other items) where patients may be able to tend to certain business matters during inpatient rehab. Luxury rehab centers are sought out by:

  1. healthcare & medical personnel such as doctors and nurses
  2. lawyers
  3. athletes
  4. celebrities, etc.

Here’s what you can expect from luxury addiction rehabs:

  • No hidden costs or secret fees. Transparent pricing and bottom line numbers are provided upfront.
  • Luxurious facility offers various amenities.
  • Super comfortable rooms. A private room may be available. 
  • 3, 5, 7, 14 day rehab or longer
  • Menu consists of chef prepared gourmet food
  • Offers a flexible length of stay with (short or long term rehabilitation program).
  • Allows cell phones, laptops and other electronics.
  • Offers various treatment programs personalized to fit your needs.
  • Offers one-on-one and group sessions 
  • Joint Commission approved

Call us to speak with a treatment specialist to go over treatment process and the best treatment options for you. The staff members are addiction professionals ready to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. 

What to expect from an alcohol and drug addiction treatment alcohol and drug rehab facility that allows cell phones

  • Detox
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Sessions
  • Fitness Sessions
  • Group Activities (Covid 19 compliant)
  • Yoga, Massage, Chiropractic Sessions may be available
  • TVs with DVD Players Phone Lines and Internet
  • Use for those who don’t bring their own devices
  • Covid 19 Compliant

Find Drug and Alcohol Rehabs That Allows Cell Phones 

There are thousands or drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation programs to choose from in the United States. We know you have questions and concerns.

Let us provide you with the information you need. We can find the care you deserve that is covered by your insurance. Call us to find a phone and laptop friendly rehab center for you or a family member.

Confidential, No Obligation & No Pressure to Commit

Phone Lines Are Open 24 7. Get in Touch.  Call The Phone Number Now To Speak to Our Addiction Treatment Specialists!

Covid 19 Notice: Alcohol and drug treatment centers have taken all the necessary safety precautions to ensure that clients are safe during treatment.

  • Most Private Insurances Accepted
  • Comfortable On-site Medicated Detox
  • Luxurious Recovery Centers
  • Same Day Placement May Be Available
  • Individualized Treatment & Therapies
  • Dual Diagnosis Addiction and 
  • Various Addiction Treatment Programs Including Holistic
  • All Levels of Care (including Aftercare Programs)
  • Quick Insurance Verification Process
  • Medication to manage withdrawal symptoms

A few words about the facilities:

We’re constantly adding new centers to our network. Treatment facilities may be located in Florida, California or anywhere in between.

They all have safety measures and measures and Coronavirus (Covid 19) safety protocols to keep their patients safe. For example, rehab facilities are disinfected to avoid a Covid 19 outbreak from occurring. You must let us know ahead of time if you or a loved one has had any exposure to the Covid 19 virus prior to checking into to a rehab center. The goal is to create a safe environment for every client.

Your privacy is important.  Your information is kept confidential and at no point will it be shared with anyone without your consent.

If you or someone you love need assistance with finding a rehab program that works for you then you should know that our counselors are available 24 7 to help families to answer questions and address health care concerns and verify insurance benefits while respecting your privacy. Our addiction treatment providers will focus on your well being and mental health as well as that of your loved ones.

There are many examples and success cases of patients who have beaten their addiction. If your existing and erratic lifestyle is no longer an option and are wondering on the types of programs that are covered by insurance then it’s probably time to act. 

Useful Information & Frequently Asked Questions About Substance Abuse Treatment

If you’re like most of the clients we’ve helped in the past then you have lots of questions about addiction treatment, the use of cell phones, laptops, email access and other concerns. We’ve assembled the most commonly asked questions and concerns that we’ve come across over the years.

  • What anxiety and stress-management strategies do your centers provide?
    Our centers offer yoga, massage, chiropractic therapy, books and articles have shown to help.
  • What is the minimum age that you accept?
    Adults only.
  • How do your centers handle the Coronavirus outbreak?
    They utilize CDC protocols by using disinfectants to avoid transmission of an illness caused by dangerous bacteria and viruses. Any inividual who have had exposure to Covid 19 in the last 14 days and who are untested will be rejected.
  • Do you use medications to help deal with withdrawal side effects?
    Medication may be used as prescribed if deemed necessary.
  • What type of therapies do you utilize?
    There is no specific form of therapy that is used on all patients. Our licensed and certified staff use different behavioral therapies to help addicts break barriers that prevent them from achieving sobriety. Their goal is to help you identify triggers that lead to addiction and deal with stressful situations that may cause relapse.
  • Do you have a rehab program for mother and child or parent and children?
    At this time we don’t offer any such programs.
  • What does your menu look like?
    We offer a chef inspired menu that consists of nutritional meals.
  • Do you centers belong to any organizations with high standards?
    Samhsa is one organization as well as LegitScript which requires that certain standards are met in order to meet their certification requirements.
  • Can you help non-English speaking patients?
    Please call our addiction helpline to find out how we can help your loved if they only speak a foreign language.  
  • Do you offer guarantees and what is your success rate?
    With regards to this question no one is able to guarantee sobriety. Success rates vary from client to client.
  • Patients must have a burning desire to change their lives once and forever and win their freedom from addiction.  Most programs provide all the resources one needs to beat their addiction. The reality is that it’s up to you to take advantage of the opportunity that is presented to you. The impact that alcohol and drug abuse has on our communities and society as a whole posts a major massive problem. Our mission is to play our part in helping every single patient declare victory over their addiction.
  • What are the main things I should bring to treatment?
    We recommend you bring a list of contacts and addresses you wish to stay in contact with. Stamps may be appropriate if you’re into writing letters. A journal is highly recommended to document your journey. Picture ID and insurance card is required. A checkbook, cash or credit card for any incidentals or miscellaneous expenses. You may bring any documents if you deem them useful. Your cell phones, laptop and other electronic devices may be help.
  • How big of a problem is alcohol and drug abuse in the United States and in the world?
    Over 21 million people have at least one addiction in the United States alone. The World Health Organization reports that over 3.3 million people die every year as a result of alcohol abuse and 275 million people abuse at least one illicit drug.
  • Do your rehab facilities offer aftercare?
    Depending on your location and your needs, rehab centers may offer after care programs or may connect you with various treatment providers. They may assist with support groups and individual and group.
  • Does recovery stop after rehab?
    Recovery is an ongoing process. As mentioned in the example above, you may be referred to a treatment provider to continue with individual therapy. For families, family therapy can be very helpful and may be an avenue to explore. Your mental health professional will assess your needs and recommend proper care.
  • Can I use my laptop to work while in treatment?
    Some rehab centers may allow some light work while in treatment but it should be kept to a minimum so it doesn’t interfere with your recovery. Many clients leave their laptops at home.

There are many reasons to quit. Your family and friends want you to succeed.
But, the idea of going to rehab and not achieving the results you want is a source of discomfort. It causes problems and negative feelings in most people.

If you’re like others, there is a high chance that you spent plenty of time on your laptop browsing the internet looking for an accredited rehab facility that allows cell phones and laptops. Chances are also that you’ve found the whole process frustrating and tiresome.
Evidence based recovery treatment programs that work exist. We will answer all your questions and speak with your family members if you think that is going to be helpful. We’ll find rehab centers that allow laptops and use of cell phones.
In closing, any person who is serious about recovery should have all the information they need to make a sound decision. Questions should not go unanswered. We urge you to get your family involved.

You know you have many reasons to quit. You’re also aware of the many ways your addiction has affected you and your family. In addition, you know you have the ability to change your situation and improve your life. We put together this website to assist individuals like you to find the help they need. It just makes sense for you to do your part. Take the first step. Call our helpline and let us prepare a list of options for you. We have helped many patients like you get help.

Addiction treatment specialists are standing by ready to answer your questions and address your concerns and provide you with useful information. They have the experience and knowledge to quickly find an alcohol and drug recovery treatment center that allows cell phones and laptops located anywhere between Florida to California.
Our counselors help people find a rehab center on the basis of their addiction and insurance benefits. They pay special attention to several categories that are important to clients such as the amount of money they’ll have to pay out of pocket.
The navigation process of finding a rehab can be stressful. The situation is not going to resolve itself.

Don’t let distractions get in the way.  Take charge of your life and get in touch with us. We have helped many clients in the past. We can help you change your life for the better.

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