Restrictions on Personal Electronic Devices During Rehab Treatment

Restrictions on Personal Electronic Devices During Rehab Treatment 2023-02-21T18:10:44+00:00

What is one of the most commonly asked questions admissions counselors get? Can you have a cell phone in rehab. Cell phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether a treatment center allows cell phones is a major deciding factor for many people who are seeking help.

To answer the question, most rehab centers don’t allow cell phone. However, there are a number of quality substance abuse rehab facilities that do. Some have restrictions in place while others more relaxed cell phone usage rules.

Cell Phone Restrictions During Rehab

While some alcohol and drug rehab centers have a zero tolerance policy for cell phones, other rehab facilities have various rules. They all have strict rules and restrictions for mobile device use. For starters, most rehab centers don’t allow personal cell phones during detox. Some treatment providers have set hours when cell phones can and cannot be used.

woman talking on the phoneOne alcohol and drug rehab treatment center may only let you use your cell phone on certain days, another facility may let you use them every day as long as it doesn’t interfere with treatment. Every alcohol and drug rehab treatment facility that we’re aware of prohibits cell phones during individual, family therapy or group sessions.

There are rehab programs that let you use you cell phone and other electronic devices not only to get in touch with a family member but also for work. They don’t have strict rules like most treatment programs but they have somewhat limited access. You’re not allowed to use your whenever you want.

Other Rules and Regulations

Most rehab facilities have their own rules for cell phones and other electronics. All treatment programs prohibit taking pictures to avoid any potential HIPPA violations.

Q&A Regarding Cell Phone Access

Can I have access to my cell phone during detox.

No. Phones and electronic devices are not allowed during detox. Detoxification is a very crucial period during treatment and recovery and electronic gadgets could be a major distraction at this stage.

Can I post on social media during alcoholism and drug rehab?

Every treatment specialist will tell you that if you’re concerned with social medial posting while in rehab then you should ask yourself if you’re truly invested in your recovery. Cell phone use for is highly discouraged and many centers don’t allow them.

What other electronic devices can I bring to alcoholism and drug rehab?

Most centers that allow phones allow you to bring laptops, tablets, portable DVD players and similar electronics that might make your recovery process more comfortable.

Can I get in touch with my family on a daily basis?

Just about every rehab program will let you contact your family after all your daily meetings and medical sessions have been completed.

Why Some Treatment Facilities Allow Cell Phones While Others Don’t?

no cell phones allowedIn 2018, online publication Vice published and article which outlined how smartphones have revolutionized the sale of illegal drugs. It is now easier than ever before to buy illegal drugs because of smartphones and social media.

Many addiction recovery experts believe that cell phones can serve as a distraction and temptation while in recovery. They can make it easy to procure illegal drugs while in rehab. These are the main reasons most alcohol and drug rehab centers don’t allow them.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers that allow phones have a different stance. Individuals who seek help should be as comfortable as possible while in rehab. Being away from home while in addiction treatment can be nerve wrecking for many. Not letting them have access to their phone during this time could some people feel even more anxious. Letting you have contact with the outside world is important to most people.

Finding The Right Treatment Program That Let’s You Bring Your Cell Phone

There are many drug recovery programs that let you bring electronic devices. To get the most out of inpatient drug and alcoholic recovery, you should find an addiction facility that will tailor a program to your needs.

The first step is to call us for a free consultation. We have helped many of our clients take the stress out of finding a quality substance abuse facility.

Can you have a cell phone in rehab: Final thoughts

Every client has concerns before heading to rehab. They want to find the right rehab center that permits cell phones and one that will give them the best odds of overcoming their addiction. We can help you with that.

Disclaimer: We do not provide medical advice. If you need immediate treatment help please call 911.

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