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Does United Healthcare Cover Drug Rehab and Alcoholism Treatment

United Healthcare is one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States. It insures around 70 million people. Most UCH insurance policies have good addiction treatment benefits although out of pocket costs can vary. You can find out how much you can expect to pay out of pocket for addiction treatment services by calling our 24-hour addiction helpline.

United Healthcare Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment Programs

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which was passed in 2010, insurance companies must cover essential health services. Substance abuse recovery, behavioral health and mental health are on the list of essential health services and must be covered under the law. Therefore, Unitedhealthcare drug rehab & alcohol treatment is covered under your policy.

United Healthcare Drug Rehab Providers

UnitedHealthCare insurance has a large community of recommended drug and alcohol rehab facilities. Before you choose a rehab treatment center, first, you will want to understand your addiction coverage.

United Healthcare In Network Facilities & Out of Network Treatment?

rehabs that accept Unitedhealthcare

Most substance use recovery facilities that accept UHC are out-of-network. The reason is two-fold:

  1. UHC demands that substance abuse facilities undergo a rigorous process before becoming in-network.
  2. Billing rates are fixed for in-network facilities which are generally lower than out-of-network, but not always.

Most rehabs are out of network with UHC. You have more options with an out-of-network policy.

United Healthcare Substance Rehab Coverage

Some United Health Care insurance plans have high out of pocket expenses while other UnitedHealthcare insurance policies have little to no out of pocket costs. Thus, for most individuals, alcohol and drug rehab cost is a very important factor when selecting a rehab center. There are over 15,000 substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States and selecting a rehab center based on cost alone can be a mistake.

You want to find a high quality facility that offers individualized treatment programs that are customized around your specific needs. United Health plans cover drug and alcohol abuse programs. Please continue reading for more information on coverage for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 

United Healthcare Inpatient Drug Rehab Coverage

UnitedHealthcare plans cover both inpatient addiction treatment services. Inpatient rehab is residential in nature and usually lasts 28 to 30 days.

Inpatient Rehab Services and Costs

How much does rehab cost if you have UHC? There are two important set of numbers you should be familiar with. First, how much rehab centers charge and second, how much money out of pocket it is going to cost you for treatment. Rehab centers charge anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 for addiction treatment. Some charge even more depending location, duration of treatment and a few other factors. How much you will pay out of pocket largely depends on your insurance policy an, its addiction rehab benefits. Your deductible, coinsurance, max out of pocket expense and how much you’ve used your insurance year-to-date.

Specific medical insurance plans cover almost 100% while others require some out of pocket expense. How much you need to pay out of pocket doesn’t just depend on the particular plan you might have but the treatment center you select.

The reasons why are as follows:

The first is how effective they really are at obtaining you each individual alcohol and drug addiction rehab benefit you’re eligible for. Another is whether they’ll deliver services that your insurance company may refuse right after rehab treatment is finished. Understanding what what will be included, precisely how much your insurance company pays as well as all of the services you will receive throughout treatment might drastically lower, if not take out altogether, your odds of paying out extra moneys up front right after rehab.

United Healthcare Coverage for Outpatient Treatment Services and Costs

Just like inpatient services, UHC may also cover outpatient addiction treatment services. It usually comes into play after inpatient treatment is over however, inpatient treatment is not a prerequisite. Rehab costs and pay out rates vary by group plan.Outpatient rehab comes in many forms. It can include doctor visits, addiction counseling or treatment in a group setting. There is a $3,000 term maximum for outpatient treatment coverage for drug or alcohol addiction. Outpatient rehab coverage usually comes into play after inpatient treatment is complete.

United Health Insurance Coverage

  • What is the best way to find United Healthcare drug rehab providers?

You can visit their website and search for addiction treatment specialists that accept UHC. The process can be daunting for many people because it takes time to research each center and sometimes people don’t know what to look for, thus quite often they select a facility that is less than ideal for them. Or, you can call us and we can find a customized treatment program that is designed for your situation. You can speak with our addiction counselors who can help you find facilities that take your insurance group including rehabs that allow cell phones.

UHC Alcohol & Drug Rehab FAQ

  • How many days does United Healthcare behavioral health coverage last?

In general, UHC will cover up to 30 days of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab and can cover as long as one year. Our addiction specialists can verify your policy benefits and give exact information usually in minutes.

  • Should I choose United Healthcare in network rehab facilities versus out-of-network rehabs?

United Health Care insurance plans cover both, in-network and out-of-network treatment services. However, your maximum out of pocket expense will most likely differ depending on the type of policy you have. You want to to verify your rehab coverage benefits before you decide on a treatment center.

Most drug and alcohol addiction centers are not in network with UHC because getting approved to be in-network is a lengthy process and also payout rates are generally lower than in-network. But, don’t let that be the deciding factor when it comes to your recovery. You should focus on finding the best rehab for your situation. UCH has good in-network and out-of-network coverage. Ink -plans are called HMO plans and out-of-network plans are generally known as PPO plans. UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus is an example of a PPO plan.

  • Will UnitedHealthcare Insurance Pay for Instate or Out of State Addiction programs?

You may expect your policy to pay for both.

  • Will UnitedHealthcare plans pay for Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Yes, all UHC policies cover detoxification which is covered under the ACA. It also provides medical coverage and medical advice around the clock during inpatient detox.

  • Do all UnitedHealthcare alcohol rehabs offer the same type of recovery programs?

Many of them offer the same 28 day inpatient programs which is the standard in our industry. This could be one of the reasons why relapse rate is so high. The best rehab facilities will customize treatment to your individual needs.

  • What is customized UnitedHealthcare alcohol & drug treatment?

A: A treatment protocol is carefully devised to help tailor a program with you in mind. It takes into account the root causes of your addiction and how to best equip you with the necessary tools that will keep you away from drugs or alcohol after treatment. Various therapies and treatment methodologies are used during treatment to help you achieve your goal.

  • Does UHC cover dual-diagnosis treatment?

UnitedHealthcare offers coverage for addiction, mental and behavioral health treatment services as they are on the list of essential services.

  • Does UnitedHealthcare Insurance cover addiction therapy & counseling?

UCH may cover individual and group therapy sessions with licensed therapists.

  • Does UnitedHealthcare cover Suboxone and Methadone maintenance?

UHC covers both Suboxone and Methadone maintenance.

  • Is United Healthcare Drug Rehab Coverage the same as for Alcohol abuse treatment?

Both drug and alcohol coverage benefits fall under the same umbrella.

  • Are all detox treatment centers the same?

Some recovery centers are licensed to perform detoxification. Others aren’t licensed and use a nearby hospital to perform detox.

It is recommended that you complete rehab treatment under one roof for a better outcome. Comprehensive substance abuse rehabs provide medical services to make your recovery safe and comfortable.

  • What is the difference between United Healthcare Residential Centers and Inpatient centers?

They both mean the same thing. You’re required to complete rehab in its entirety at the treatment facility.

  • Does UHC cover family therapy sessions?

Your health insurance plan may cover counseling sessions with a mental health care providers to help you and your family deal with substance use disorder.

  • Do rehabs accept government insurance policies?

Private drug and alcohol addiction facilities do not accept Federal and State health plans. For example, UHC Medicare Advantage is not accepted by most rehabs.

  • How do I find an outpatient detox that is covered by UHC?

Generally, detox is performed either at a hospital or at an inpatient facility. There is no such thing as outpatient detox.

How To Quickly Verify United Healthcare Drug Rehab Coverage?

Rehab coverage levels vary from group to group. Our experienced addiction counselors will verify your drug rehab benefits with your health insurance company and go over treatment options that are right for you.

UnitedHealthcare Mental Health Benefits Coverage Benefits

United Healthcare Insurance health plan offers a variety of addiction rehabilitation options to their health insurance policy holders who also require any type of mental health help. United Healthcare has a group of experts who are offered anytime to respond to member concerns about anything associated to psychological and health and drug abuse.

Does insurance coverage include Mental Health services?

As mentioned above, when the Affordable Care Act became law, it mandated that every insurance provider taking part in state exchanges offer all sorts of mental health benefits. Because of ACA, UHC has actually left some state exchanges, however UnitedHealthCare offers much of the psychological health benefits as mandated by law.

United Behavioral Health Benefits

UHC has an arm that specializes in helping members get proper care for all sorts of psychological issues from everyday problems to severe mental challenges.

What To Expect From UnitedHealthcare for Substance Abuse Rehab

Find Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers That Accept United Healthcare

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