Crime Statistics in Orange County, California

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Crime Statistics in Orange County, California

crime rate statistics in orange county californiaThe number of Orange County cities seeing rises in fierce criminal offenses practically matched the number seeing decreases from 2017 to last year, yet property criminal offenses were down in many of the region’s cities, according to FBI stats released Monday.

Irvine authorities trumpeted the statistics, saying it’s the “safest city” of its size for the 14th year.

” Through strong partnerships with our neighborhood, (Irvine’s police department) consistently makes every effort to deliver exceptional solution, maintaining Irvine the best city to live, play and also function,” Irvine Mayor Christina Shea claimed.

FBI authorities, nevertheless, provide a yearly caution against using the stats to reason regarding a city’s security.

” These harsh positions give no insight into the many variables that mold and mildew criminal offense in a certain community, city, area, state, tribal area, or region,” the FBI stated in the note in its annual criminal activity stats launch.

” Consequently, they cause incomplete and/or simplified evaluations that frequently develop deceptive assumptions negatively affecting areas as well as their residents.”

The variety of fierce criminal activities was down in Irvine, from 169 in 2017 to 160 in 2014. There were two murders in Irvine in 2017, and also none in 2015.

Rapes lowered from 46 to 40, and break-ins went from 55 to 53, while worsened assaults were almost also– with 66 in 2017 and 67 last year.

Residential property criminal activities in Irvine increased slightly, from 3,635 in 2017 and 3,659 last year.

In Aliso Viejo, fierce crimes were virtually despite 44 in 2017 and also 43 last year, but building crimes boost from 394 to 445 in the very same amount of time.

Brea saw fierce criminal offenses go down from 114 in 2017 to 83 in 2015, and a decrease in building criminal activities during the very same period from 1,440 to 1,293.

In Buena Park, terrible criminal offenses went down from 292 to 257 from 2017 to in 2014, and also residential or commercial property crimes reduced from 2,814 to 2,583.

In Costa Mesa, terrible criminal activities dropped from 361 to 344 from 2017 to 2018, and residential property crimes decreased from 4,298 to 3,792.

Fierce crimes in Cypress dropped from 69 to 58, and home criminal offenses dipped from 726 to 704.

Dana Point saw an uptick in terrible criminal activities from 64 in 2017 to 69 in 2014, yet residential property criminal offenses in the south Orange County city dipped from 515 in 2017 to 504 in 2014.

In Fountain Valley, terrible criminal offenses dropped from 68 in 2017 to 52 in 2015, with property crimes reducing from 1,581 to 1,496 in the very same period.

Fullerton’s fierce crime incidents boosted from 293 in 2017 to 332 last year, yet property crimes dropped from 3,952 to 3,660.

In Huntington Beach, violent criminal offenses went down from 461 in 2017 to 429 in 2015, and also home criminal offenses reduced from 4,285 to 3,993.

Laguna Beach’s fierce crime rate dropped from 100 in 2017 to 90 last year, and also home criminal offenses went down from 559 to 443 throughout the very same amount of time.

In Laguna Hills, there were 44 fierce crimes reported in 2017 and 55 in 2015, with building crimes during the same amount of time decreasing from 467 to 402.

Laguna Niguel’s terrible criminal offense price zoomed up– from 54 in 2017 to 81 in 2014. Building crime was also up from 573 in 2017 to 640 last year.

Laguna Wood’s fierce criminal offenses enhanced from 4 in 2017 to 10 last year, and also residential or commercial property crimes went down from 127 in 2017 to 108 last year.

In La Habra, violent criminal offenses went down from 137 in 2017 to 111 in 2015, as well as property criminal offenses dipped from 1,251 to 1,155 in the very same period.

Lake Forest’s violent crime occurrences took a jump, from 133 in 2017 to 159 in 2015. Home criminal activities were fairly also with 757 in 2017 and also 761 in 2015.

Newport Beach’s fierce crime incidents continued to be the same, with 124 tape-recorded in 2017 and in 2014. Home crimes dripped from 2,123 to 2,073 in the same amount of time.

crime scene tapeViolent crime events in Orange dropped substantially, from 218 in 2017 to 160 in 2015, while home crimes went from 2,584 to 2,478 in the very same period.

Los Alamitos’ fierce criminal offense rate was halved from 16 in 2017 to eight in 2014, and also residential property criminal activities went down from 202 to 156 in the very same amount of time.

The variety of fierce crimes in Mission Viejo raised from 101 in 2017 to 113 in 2015, yet home criminal offenses were down in the very same amount of time, from 969 to 937.

Fierce criminal offenses leapt from 89 in 2017 in Placentia to 120 in 2015, and residential property crimes were additionally rising– from 864 to 904.

San Clemente’s violent criminal offense rate increased from 91 in 2017 to 114 last year, and also property crimes were additionally up from 812 to 900.

San Juan Capistrano’s terrible criminal activity events had to do with despite having 82 in 2017 to 84 last year, while home criminal activities were down from 448 to 351.

Santa Ana’s fierce crime occurrences dipped from 1,640 in 2017 to 1,571 in 2014, with murders the very same at 21. Building criminal offenses dropped from 7,017 in 2017 to 6,390 in 2014.

Stanton’s terrible criminal offense price went from 143 in 2017 to 135 in 2015 with residential property crimes dipping from 649 to 618 in the very same time duration.

In Tustin, violent criminal offenses decreased from 132 in 2017 to 122 in 2014, and property criminal offenses were down from 1949 in 2017 to 1,874 last year.

Westminster’s fierce criminal offense cases stayed relatively similar– 281 in 2017 compared to 286 in 2014– and also property criminal offenses went from 2,825 in 2017 to 2,433 last year.

Yorba Linda’s terrible criminal offense price was virtually uncharged, 45 incidents in 2017 compared to 44 in 2014, yet property criminal activities raised from 714 in 2017 to 812 in 2014.


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