3 Benefits of Bringing Mobile Devices to Rehab

3 Benefits of Bringing Mobile Devices to Rehab 2022-03-26T15:15:24+00:00

happy man talking on phone in rehabIt is common for clients to look for mobile device friendly rehabs. It’s also common for inpatient addiction treatment facilities to disallow cell phone use during treatment. This rule was put in place with good intentions. Having access to their cell phone while in rehab may enable some individuals to act out on their potential triggers. They could easily contact their drug dealer or enabler and get their hands on their substance of choice.

Why Some Rehabs Prohibit Mobile Devices

For addiction treatment to work, individuals should be removed to a large degree from their everyday lives. By removing them from their environment, situations and stressors that trigger them to abuse drugs and alcohol, they’re put in a situation that allows them to focus on their addiction and recovery.

Imagine for a minute how you would react if you had access to your cell phone during treatment. Would you feel tempted to return every call, text message and email? Or would you feel tempted to comment on social media posts? Would those ‘happy’ facebook posts or Instagram photos make you feel even more depressed because of the situation you find yourself in while others are out in the world ‘living it up’? You can easily see why some treatment centers don’t allow them. It makes their job more difficult than it needs to be.

Despite the drawbacks, there are benefits to having access to your cell phone while in treatment.

Benefits or Staying in Contact With the Outside World During Treatment

  1. Staying in touch. While in rehab, you will be dealing with some internal demons. You may have dark moments and could benefit from talking to your loved ones.
  2. Establish healthy cell phone practices. There is such a thing as cell phone addiction. There are many individuals who spend several hours per day on their mobile devices. This type of behavior is unhealthy for most people and especially for recovering addicts.
  3. Building trust. In general, addicts aren’t considered to be the most trustworthy individuals. Letting folks have access to their electronics, while having them follow cell phone rules, can build trust between the client and the staff. Mutual trust and respect is an important factor to meaningful treatment.

These days, there is an increasing number of treatment facilities that allow cell phones and electronics. Call us to help you find an accredited treatment program that will allow you to bring your cell phone and other electronics to treatment.

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